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APA Referencing 7th ed.: Other resources

Thesis (Online from a repository)

In text citation

(Dudding, 2007)

Reference list

Dudding, J. (2007). Privileging the image: The flight paths of photographs of Maori into and beyond English museums (Doctoral thesis, City of London University).


Thesis (From a database)

In text citation

(Popoola, 2000)

Reference list

Popoola, M.M. (2000). From descriptive survey to a caring healing praxis model of chronic wound management (UMI No. 304668185) [Doctoral dissertation]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Full Text Database.

*You must include the name of the database and the order number of the record.

Medsafe Datasheets

In text citation

...(Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) Limited, 2010)

Reference list

Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) Limited. (2010, July 13). Atropt eye drops: Atropine sulfate [Data sheet].

*The author of a Medsafe datasheet is the name of the medicine sponsor (normally found at the end of the datasheet information).

Reports, guidelines, pdfs and 'grey' literature

Government departments and other organisations often produce a variety of reports, guidelines, press releases, codes of ethics and briefs. These are known as grey literature. Grey literature can be published online (usually as a pdf document) or as a physical copy. When using grey literature it is useful, but optional, to include the type of grey literature in square brackets at the end of the title e.g. [Guidelines]. For reports with a report number, add the report number after the tile in parentheses e.g. (Report No. 72e).

See referencing Government departments as author for more details on names of Government departments. 

In text citation

Waitangi Tribunal (2015) ...
Ministry of Health-Manatū Hauora (2014) ...

Reference List

Waitangi Tribunal. (2015). He Whiritaunoka: The Whanganui land report (Report No. Wai 903).

Ministry of Health-Manatū Hauora. (2014). The New Zealand guidelines for helping people to stop smoking [Guidelines].

*As the publisher and author details are the same, the publisher information is left out. If this had been located on a website, a URL would be added to the reference.


Brochure/ Pamphlet

In text citation

...(Copyright Licensing New Zealand, 2019)


Copyright Licensing New Zealand (2019)

If you are quoting from the pamphlet or brochure use the term para. to refer to the paragraph you are using.

...(Copyright Licensing New Zealand, 2019, para. 3)

Reference List

Copyright Licensing New Zealand. (2019). Get it right on copyright [Pamphlet].

*Add the publisher if different from the author. In the example above the publisher and author are the same so the publisher name is not needed.


Moodle/ iQualify/ Course notes

If you are using resources your tutor has put on Moodle or iQualify, be aware that you will need to reference the original source and you don't need to mention it came from Moodle or iQualify.  If it is information that your tutor has written, you will need to reference your tutor as the author with the type of material added in [square brackets] after the title. Types of material could include PowerPoint presentation, lecture notes, Word document etc. Please check with your tutor before using any information on Moodle that they have written.

PowerPoint on Moodle (No author)

In text citation

...(Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, 2018)

Reference list

Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki. (2018). Research design. [PowerPoint slides]. WITT ecampus.

PowerPoint on Moodle with author

In text citation

...(Ashcroft, n.d.)

Reference list

Ashcroft, H. (n.d.). Cardiac electrophysiology [PowerPoint slides]. WITT ecampus.

Your own notes from a lecture or class

Treat these as personal communications in text as they can't be retrieved by anyone else. They are not included in the reference list for this reason.

Movies, TV, DVDs and YouTube

List the primary contributors in the author position and use parentheses ( ) to identify their contribution. This can include directors, producers and writers.

As part of the title include a description of the media in square brackets [ ]. Some of the descriptions of medium are: [Motion Picture], [[DVD], [Video recording],  [Video], [Tape recording],  [TV programme],  and [Radio programme].


In text citation

...(Farrelly, 2018).

Reference list

Farrelly, P. (Director). (2018). Green book [Film]. Universal.

TV series episode

In text citation

...(Nigro, 2015).

Reference list

Nigro, M. (Director). (2015). Positive thinking (Season 6, Episode 1) [Television series episode]. In J. Kobler (Creator), Brain games. National Geographic.


In text citation

...(Moore, 2013).

Reference list

Moore, M. (Writer & Director). (2003). Bowling for Columbine. [DVD]. Umbrella Entertainment.


See Referencing YouTube


New Zealand, Australian, United Kingdom and International standards are not included in APA Manual 7th ed. Treat these standards in a similar way to a report.

In text citation

(Standards New Zealand, 2013)

Reference list

Standards New Zealand. (2013). Conditions of contract for building and civil engineering construction (NZS 3910:2013). https://shop-standards-govt-nz


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