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APA Referencing 7th ed.: Nursing examples

APA referencing - Nursing examples

Some of the nursing resources that you will need to reference can be tricky because they are adaptations, have multiple authors/editors or they are from a database that creates original content.

Here are examples of some of the resources you may use.


Chapter in an edited book

Vernon, R., & Papps, E. (2015). Cultural safety and continuing competence. In D. Wepa (Ed.), Cultural safety in Aotearoa New Zealand (2nd ed., pp. 51-64). Cambridge University Press.


Chapter in a book with main authors and no editors

Cross, W. M. (2016). Navigating nursing and midwifery research ethics. In S. Borbasi & D. Jackson, Navigating the maze of research: Enhancing nursing and midwifery practice (4th ed., pp. 83-99). Elsevier.


Chapter in an edited book with an Australian/New Zealand adaptation

Harding, M. (2015). The importance of nursing (A. Cashin, ANZ Adapt.). In D. Brown, H. Edwards, L. Seaton, & T. Buckley (Eds.), Lewis's medical surgical nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems (ANZ 4th ed., pp. 2-20). Elsevier.

Chapter in an edited book with no authors or editors

Evaluation. (2013). In Nursing care planning made incredibly easy (2nd ed., pp.137-152). Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.


Book published by the author

Nursing Council of New Zealand. (2012). Code of conduct for nurses.



Drug resistance. (2019). In P. Harris, S. Nagy, & N. Vardaxis (Eds.) Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions (3rd Rev. Australian and New Zealand ed., p. 555). Elsevier.



Stein-Parbury, J. (2013). Patient & person: Interpersonal skills in nursing (5th ed.). Churchill Livingstone.


Chapter in an ebook (from a Library database)

Batchelor, S., & Dixon, M. (2012). Care of an infant or child with a cardiac condition or disease. In M. Dixon, & D. Crawford, (Eds.). Paediatric intensive care nursing (pp. 102-168). Wiley-Blackwell.


Other resources

The Code on the Health and Disability Commissioner website:

Health and Disability Commissioner. (n.d.). The HDC Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights Regulation 1996.


The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights pamphlet

Health & Disability Commissioner. (2012). Code of health and disability services: Consumers’ rights [Pamphlet].


MedSafe Datasheets

In text:...(Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) Limited, 2010)


Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) Limited. (2010, July 13). Atropt eye drops: Atropine sulfate [Data sheet].



The MIMS book is published several times a year so it is treated as a magazine or serial. As there is no author, the drug name is moved to the author position. As it is a serial, no other publication details are needed. The UK, Australia and South Africa also produce MIMS publications but only the NZ one is called MIMS New Ethicals so we don’t need to include anything to say it is a New Zealand publication.


In text (“MMR II vaccine”, 2018).

MMR II vaccine. (2018). MIMS New Ethicals, Jan-Jun 2018(28), 432.


TDHB Procedures

In text: ...(Taranaki District Health Board, year).

Taranaki District Health Board. (Year). Title in italics. Name of the TDHB intranet. https://..... (intranet address)

*Normally, a source found on an intranet is considered personal communication as only people with access to the intranet can view the item. However, when your audience/readers (e.g. class and tutors) also have access to the resource on the intranet, give the full retrieval address.


Lippincott and Cochrane databases

The Lippincott and Cochrane databases contain original content that is only found in these databases.  In the reference list, format these articles as journal articles.

Lippincott databases

Admission to floor, pediatric. (2019, June 14). Lippincott Procedures : New Zealand Instance.

In text: ...("Admission to floor, pediatric", 2019)...


Cochrane database

Deshmukh, S. R., Holmes, J., & Cardno, A. (2018). Art therapy for people with dementia. Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews.


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