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Turnitin Tutor Support Guide: Getting started

Getting started! Step 1 - Create an account

Your Turnitin Administrator will generate an email link for you to follow to set up an account.

Your account information is confidential and not to be distributed to students.

Setup your account using your WITT email address.

Follow the instructions provided below to finalise your Turnitin Tutor Profile, if you experience any issues please contact the Turnitin Administrator to resolve.

Create a Turnitin account


Step 2 - Create a Class

The creation of a class is the first step in allowing students to submit their assignments through Turnitin. Once you have created a class, Turnitin will generate a Class ID and Enrolment Password which you can then give to your students.

Your class name should be the name of the class you are teaching - the same used in the course outline.

Remember: don't make your password too tricky.

Instructions:  Create a Class

Youtube clip:

Step 3 - Create an Assignment

Watch this video for a demonstration on how to set an assignment. Find more information on the advanced assignment options. Once you have created an assignment, your students can upload their papers.

Instructions:  Create an Assignment

Youtube clip: