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Turnitin Tutor Support Guide: Support Networks

Turnitin Administrator

Cathy Mundell

Ph 06 757 3261

Additional Support

If you need additional support

Turnitin Administrator: Noticeboard

  • The recommended Internet Browser is Firefox or Google Chrome. Turnitin is longer supported in IE.
  • Review each originality report regardless of percentage; as two students may have the same similarity percentage - one with innocent text matches the other a direct copy and paste
  • You are the subject experts, you know what is appropriate for your course and level of study. Turnitin does not detect plagiarism it is a tool to assist you.
  • Turnitin is a machine and therefore not perfect, if something doesn't appear right in a student's paper - investigate it

APA support

Our Learning Advisors can help with APA referencing

Bridget Knuckey

Dawn Marsh

Shelley Gardner