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Effective database searching

Saving your results

Three SD cardsYou usually have the option to select specific records to keep by marking or tagging them, or you can download all the retrieved records (subject to sensible limits!).

The following methods can normally be used to save your results:

  • Email records to yourself - this is the most common option on web-based databases
  • Save onto your network drive, memory stick, or onto another directory on your PC
  • Print out the resources

Each database should have support pages detailing how to save references from a search. If you are unsure, contact the Library staff.

We recommend saving the results of one search before moving on to a new one.

Please note that you are able to access articles via the databases for your private study or use.  You are not permitted to copy and share with others.

What if it isn't available in the Library?

Databases are usually international and they index a large number of sources. Since these databases are not based on our collection at WITT, we will probably not have all the items you find on them. If an item is not available at WITT you can apply for an inter-library loan, for which we will try contacting other New Zealand libraries to get the item you need.