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Te Reo Māori: Websites | Nga pae tukutuku


Useful Apps

Kupu | Download for iOS | Download for Android

Introducing Kupu, a Spark-sponsored app that uses the camera in your phone to instantly translate objects into te reo Māori.

Powered by Google technology and knowledge from the Te Aka Māori Dictionary, Kupu provides a new way to experience the language. It’s really easy to use – just take a photo of an everyday object (or upload your own) and see it translated in real time. You can save the translated image, share it or have another go. Price: free Device: iPhone, iPad and Android

Te Puāwai | Download for iOS | Download for Android

A fabulous new app  to help you learn about te reo Māori (language), tikanga (customs), mātāpono me ngā ūaratanga (principles and values) and waiata (songs) -  made by NZQA. Price: free Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

Te Reo Māori | Download for iPhone | Download for iPad | Download for Android

The App version of the Te Aka  Māori/English English/Māori Dictionary. Te Reo Māori is a Māori language dictionary that is easy to use by searching for Māori or English words. As well as English meanings, it has example sentences with translations for many entries. It even has photographs for Aotearoa/New Zealand native flora and fauna. The app is designed for offline use so it is fully self-contained and doesn't need to be connected to the internet in order to operate Price: $5.99 Device: iPhone, iPad and Android