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Library Information for Staff: Turnitin for staff

Turnitin Quicknotes

  • Turnitin is text-matching software.
  • Turnitin helps students to demonstrate academic integrity in their work.
  • Turnitin does not detect plagiarism.
  • A student's work might be stored (anonymously) in a repository and compared against other students' work in the future.

Step 1: Create an account

You must be added to a portal by the Turnitin Administrator before you can set-up your account.  

Your account information is confidential and not to be distributed to students.

Setup your account using your WITT email address.

Step 3: Create an assignment

Watch this video for a demonstration on how to set an assignment.  Find more information on the advanced assignment options. Once you have created an assignment, your students can upload their papers.

Remember post-dates: Is the date you wish to release all electronic feedback from Grademark to the class. If you are not using Grademark for assessing the assignment set the post date to when you are required to hand back hardcopy assignments (Eg. 10 working days from submission).

Revision Assignments

For each 'Paper assignment', create a 'Revision assignment'. Also use this feature if your course allows resubmissions.

Student users can only submit one paper per assignment. If the tutor would like students to submit multiple drafts without overwriting the previous drafts, the instrutor can create additional assignments using the revision assignment type. Revision assignments are duplicates of the 'parent' assignment's advanced options and standard settings but may have new start, due, and post dates.

The revision assignment may have different generate originality report for student submissions. The tutor may also select a different set of optional special instructions, or assign a different point value.

1. From the class portfolio click 'Add assignment'

2. Select 'Revision assignment'

3. From the dropdown menu, select the assignment that this revision assignment should be based on.

4. (Optional) Enter point value

5. Select a new start,due, post date and times

6. Any special instructions?

7.Select drop down 'Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)

8. Allow student to view Originality Report 'Yes'

9. 'Submit' Revision assignments appear as sub-assignment of the main assignment.

Accessing the assignment inbox

The assignment inbox contains any submissions that have been made by students or the instructor to the assignment. 

Find more information about the assignment inbox.

Grademark: Online feedback and grading

Grademark is a function of Turnitin that allows you to grade and leave feedback within the assessment document viewer. You can create grading forms or rubrics to assess the assignment. To find out more click here to try an interactive demonstration click here


Step 2: Create a class

The creation of a class is the first step in allowing students to submit their assignments through Turnitin. Once you have created a class, Turnitin will generate a Class ID and Enrolment Password which you can then give to your students.

Your class name should be the name of the class you are teaching - the same used in the course outline.

Remember: you don't need to make your enrolment password too tricky


WITT create an assignment settings 'More options setting'

Enter special instructions: A place to give assignment reminders eg. Remember to use APA referencing. Use this link to submit the final version of your assessment.

Generate Originality Reports for submissions: 'Yes'

Generate Originality Reports for student submissions: ' Immediately (Can overwrite reports until due date)

Exclude bibliographic material from similarity index: 'Yes'

Exclude quoted material: 'Yes'

Exclude small matches: 'Yes' 5 words

Allow submissions after the due date: 'Yes'

Submit papers to: 'Standard paper repository' if a summative assessment - if a draft submission, or formative that may make up part of a summative assessment select 'No repository'

Search options: All ticked: Student paper repository; Current and archived internet; Periodicals, journals and publications

Handy hint!

Tick 'Yes' would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments

Understanding an Originality Report

Reference guide and WITT Turnitin policies


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