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Library Information for Staff: Services for staff

Library Purchases and Textbooks:

You are the subject experts for the areas you teach.  We are always happy to receive recommendations for purchase to enhance the library collection.  After all, we want to support your teaching and your students’ learning needs. 
Sometimes it can take a while for the text to arrive, so if you can, remember to give us as much time as possible to ensure that the text arrives before you need it.  For more information contact Kathy on extension 8825.

Tutor text copies are required or recommended text books that the Library purchases on your behalf to help with your teaching. They are then added to the Library collection but are issued to the tutor on a semester basis. Approval is required from the tutor's manager for items that are not listed as required reading in the course outlines or descriptors.

Please note: these books remain the property of the Library and as such should not be written in or be highlighted.

If you wish to have your own personal copy of the text book that you can make notes in, you need to approach the publisher and register for a 'desk copy' or 'preview copy'. Some publishers will provide desk copies but it can be dependent on the qualification level and number of students in the class. See the Preview Copies box below for more information

Preview copies

Many book representatives offer a preview copy for academic staff free of charge.  Most book companies have a website that allows you to search in your subject area and  some allow you to request a preview copy. You will need to register on the website as a tutor (WITT institutional code is 6017) and may be asked to provide teaching credentials or proof of your course. They may also ask how many students are enrolled in the paper. If you receive a copy it is yours to keep. You may use highlight in it, add notes and take it with you if you leave WITT. Remember to clearly state who to address the parcel to so it is sent to the right person at WITT. 
For further information contact Kathy Manning or call on extension 8825.


Sometimes you may not be able to find what you want in the WITT Library.  We can request a book or journal article from another library in New Zealand on your behalf.  This is for your teaching and professional development at WITT.  You cannot request items for your personal interest.

Please allow up to two weeks for your interloan request to arrive. 

You will be notified by email or telephone when your request arrives.

Generally, books are loaned for 4 weeks, if you request an article you may keep the copy provided.

Please note that if you are studying at another institution, you must use that library service to access resources for your study.

Email an interloan request:


Academic Literacy:

The Learning Centre tutors and Information Literacy Librarians have developed an Academic Literacy programme which is designed to equip new students to adapt to the rigors of academic life.  The programme includes study skills, time management, database searching skills, evaluating information, essay writing and APA referencing.  The programme is tailored to your students learning needs.


To discuss how we can incorporate the academic literacy programme into your course contact Bridget Knuckey.


Reading Lists:

It is really important when you prepare a reading list for your students that you:

Check the availability of the item in the library catalogue

Place key texts in Course Reserve

Check that the information you provide is accurate (i.e. edition numbers, correctly referenced in APA style)

Allow time for this process as we may need to order material that you wish to have included on your list or, if unavailable, select an alternative resource

It is a good idea to recommend databases instead of specific journal titles as this gives a depth and breadth to the information students can access.



Staff can borrow up to twenty items at one time.  The standard loan period for books is three weeks, serials and DVD’s/videos are one week

Please let us know if you require resources for your teaching for a longer period - tutor texts can be issued on long term loan

If you have a Library or personal resource you would like all your students to access, you can use the Course Reserve collection (previously known as Closed Reserve).  Any material can be placed in Course Reserve as long as it meets the conditions of the current Copyright Act 

For further information on Copyright at WITT see here

Course Reserve:

The purpose of the Course Reserve collection (previously called Closed Reserve) is to provide students maximum access to a limited number of resources.   To ensure this, material is issued for a two hour loan for use in the library only.

If you have a personal copy of book, DVD or journal that you wish your students to access, you can place it on Course Reserve.

You will need to let us know:

  •         How long the item needs to be kept in Course Reserve
  •         The tutor name(s) students can search

Please ensure that the items you place in the Course Reserve collection meet current copyright conditions (see the Copyright Act for more information). 

Library staff will create a searchable record on the catalogue, enabling your students to find the resource.

Please allow 5 working days for library staff to process your request

Let your students know that you have placed material in Course Reserve for them and that they will need their ID card to access it.

Copyright and Course Reserve:

Photocopied items may be placed in Course Reserve if the copies have been made for educational purposes, in accordance with sections 44, 51 or 52 of the Copyright Act.  These cannot be copied by staff or students.

The only exception to the restrictions above is for interloaned copies.  Students may copy an interloaned article in Course Reserve provided that it has been determined that it is impossible to obtain the article from any other source – i.e. purchase the article.   Library staff will ensure that the article is appropriately labelled as copied under WITT’s copyright licence with Copyright Licensing Ltd. 

All WITT staff should be familiar with the current Copyright ActCopyright extends to resources found on TV, radio, newspapers and the internet.

For further information see the Copyright guide