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Library Information for Staff: How we can help you

How we can help

When you first come to the library, you will be issued with a WITT staff ID card. We can then register you on the library system and check your printing/photocopying allocation.  We will show you around with a focus on where the books for your discipline are located.  Remember to book a time for an in-depth session to familiarise yourself with the library resources and services.

Learning Resource Centre staff can help you by:

  • Providing advice on the purchase and promotion of course specific resources for your students.  This includes all recommended reading, recommended texts, DVD’s, and additional readings

  • Showing you how to use the library catalogue (Opac) to find resources on the library shelves
  • Showing you how to use electronic resources which include databases, online books and journals and how to search the internet effectively using Google
  • Coming into the classroom and presenting lessons on information literacy skills (academic literacies) in conjunction with the Learning Centre team