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Zotero: Getting started!

Zotero is a free, easy to use software that helps you save, manage, and cite research sources.

Zotero goes mobile!

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How to register for Zotero

Narrated by Marc Fabris (Bachelor of Applied Social Science student @ WITT)

Morris, B., & Fabris, M. (Co-producers). (2012). How to register for Zotero [Video file]. New Plymouth, New Zealand:

Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki.

How to register for Zotero

zotero : Getting Started @ WITT


Where is Zotero on the WITT intranet?

1.   Click on windows flag in circle bottom left corner of screen   

2.   Click on all programmes and type in “Firefox”

3.   Open “Frontmotion Firefox”

4.   Once Firefox is open, “Zotero” appears in the bottom right corner of the screen

5.   Open Zotero home page:


There is no need to download the programme as it is already on WITT computers.


Registering on Zotero


Registering on Zotero is just like registering for ‘Facebook”.

1.   Double click on Zotero (shown above)

2.   Click on ‘Zotero Quick start guide’ to bring up the Zotero home page

3.   Click on “register” in the top corner of the screen


4.   Fill in the form



5.   If you cannot read the code click on the top blue button to change it for another one.

Recommendation:  use your home email address.

6.   Click on ‘Register’

7.   Go to your email address to complete registration.

8.   Click on the confirmation message.

9.   A message appears to confirm your email address.  

10.   Registration is complete

11.   Go back to Firefox:

12.   Click on ‘Zotero’ – bottom right of screen

13.   Click on the cog   on the toolbar

14.   Click on preferences to sync word to Zotero.

15.   Fill in username and password.

16.   You are ready to begin.

Setting up Zotero at Home

Putting 'Firefox' on your home computer

Putting 'Firefox' on your home computer


1.    Go onto the internet

2.    In the search window type in “Firefox” or type in

3.    Click on Mozilla Firefox web browser – free download from the search list

4.    Click on the version of firefox suitable for your computer

5.    Run the download and follow instructions on the screen.

6.    Open Firefox.    It should appear as an icon at the bottom of the computer screen. 

7.    The screen will look exactly like internet explorer.

Zotero only works while Firefox is running unless you are using the standalone version – this version will not synchronise with updates you do at WITT.

Putting Zotero on your home computer


1.  Open Firefox web browser.

2.  Type Zotero into the search box or go to to open Zotero homepage. 
      (A video of the process is at

Click on the “Download now” button.


3.  If you have a Mac computer there is an extra step.

Go to and install python.


LLinking Zotero to word or open office (PC or Mac)


1.  Zotero and word (or open office) need to be able to talk to each other.  Go to:

2.    Click on the link (choose PC or Mac).  Click on the pop up.  It will load automatically.

3.    Go to word and check that the Zotero icons are in the ‘Add ins’ tab.

You are almost ready all you have to do is register if you have not already done so or just log in.

Logging into Zotero

1.    Click on ‘Zotero’ on the bottom right corner of  ‘firefox’.

2.    Click on the Zotero link in the library or go to

3.    Click on ‘log in’ and fill in your user name and password, click on ‘remember me’ for automatic future linking in.

4.    Click on the green sync button to update your library 


You are ready to make or add to your library.


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