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Online Reference Resources: General Reference

Atlases, Maps and Countries

 New Zealand Maps & Guides

 Wises Street Maps

Google Maps

An Atlas of the Universe

World : Including ocean data, flags, populations and more

The World Factbook : Created by the CIA; comparable statistics and information for each country


WebElements Periodic Table

How Stuff Works
: Many technical explanations, but also recipes; money; travel tips and more

Bartleby Quotations
: Including Barlett's Familiar Quotations; Columbia; Simpson's & more

Creative Quotations

History and Politics Out Loud
: A searchable archive of politically significant audio materials

Earth Calendar
: A list of holidays and celebrations around the world

 MetService : National weather forecast

 The Official New Zealand Road Code

The Information Cycle : How information is created, distributed and when to use a particular type of resource

Phone and Address Directories

 White Pages : Personal telephone directories

 Yellow Pages : Business telephone directories

 Address & Postcode Finder

Convert Currency, Measurements and Time

FXConverter :Currency converter for 164 currencies

Online :Over 5,000 units and 50,000 conversions

Measurement Converter

Time and Date: Conversions for world dates and time