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Information Technology: Find Books

Catalogue Search Tips

Keywords are the key to finding relevant information, in the library catalogue, online database or www.  Many databases divide their material into rigid subject headings, so choosing an appropriate subject keyword can make the difference between finding or not finding information.  Try the listed keywords in the library catalogue (for book, reference, course reserve, serial, thesis and CD Rom access), or in the linked sites and databases. 

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Read more about how our books are organised on the shelf and how the Dewey Decimal system works

Subject Headings for Information Technology Books

Try searching using the following keywords

Applied management project
Computer architecture
Computer bulletin boards
Computer file
Computer graphics
Computer hardware
Computer industry
Computer mathematics
Computer networks
Computer program
Computer programming
Computer science
Computer security
Computer software
Computers – history
Computers - social aspects
Computing – quality control
Data structures
Database design
Database management
Digital cameras
Electronic mail systems
Information technology
Information technology - management
Local area networks
Management information systems
Object-oriented programming
Operating systems
Programming languages
Relational databases
System analysis
System design
Wide Area Networks
World Wide Web

Other keywords include the names of specific computers, software, languages and operating systems e.g. Apple, Microsoft Windows, JAVA